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The Naked Truth: Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Are you wearing more than your birthday suit to bed? You could be missing out on some serious benefits from sleeping the old fashioned way: bucked naked.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked: You Really Should Know

Ever tried sleeping naked? Here's a list of what you may be missing out on. Here are seven health benefits that come with sleeping naked at night and a few tips on how you should do it.

Ditching your clothes and going to bed naked may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, it would be best to consider the health benefits that come with sleeping nude and how it'll help you get lengthier, better sleep at night. Getting quality sleep is critical for having excellent physical and mental health, which is why you should ensure that you get enough sleep every night. If you've tried meditation, exercise, and all other healthy sleep routines, then it's about time you also tried sleeping naked. Think of it as a sleeping technique that could turn out to be the magic solution that would help you sleep better every night.

It is estimated that the average person falls asleep in seven minutes. Your body's temperature reducing by as little as one-degree Fahrenheit can cause you to sleep more quickly at night. The reason is that your body temperature plays a significant role in regulating your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is your body's clock that works on a twenty-four-hour cycle. It's what determines whether we are ready to fall asleep and when to wake up in the morning. Sleeping naked helps you regulate your body's temperature better, which allows you to fall asleep faster.

Sleep Naked for an Undisturbed Night’s Rest

You don't want to count how many times you've woken up hot, sweaty, and kicking off your quilt every night because you were too hot to continue sleeping. Setting the right temperature for sleep in your house can be a little tricky because your body temperature lowers as you get to bed. If you combine this with the fact that you are sandwiched between several layers of bedsheets and a heavy quilt, you’ll find the reason why you can’t seem to sleep through the night. Sleeping naked and losing some of your beddings can help you sleep better and for longer each night.

It may ward off disease

Sleep is a super important part of recharging your body to do its whole survival thing. If you get better sleep by sleeping in the nude, this could impact your health. If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system takes a hit, making you more susceptible to those nasty office bugs your co-workers keep spreading (Wash your hands, Steve!). Getting great, naked sleep can also help prevent other internal diseases. If you feel like you’re never getting sleep, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says you could also be at risk of health issues like:

  • depression

  • type 2 diabetes

  • heart disease

  • obesity

Sleeping Naked Helps You Lose Weight

Want to sleep and cut weight at the same time? Well, you should sleep naked! Sleeping in your pajamas increases your body’s temperature, which reduces the metabolic rate. A reduced metabolic rate means that your body doesn't get to burn as many calories as it would be if the temperature were much lower.

Sleeping naked reduces your body temperature and this, in turn, increases your metabolism. Increased metabolism means that your body burns more calories, raising its temperature, hence, a healthier body.

Protect Male and Female Fertility

Tight-fitting pants, pajamas, or underwear can affect both male and female reproductive health. Women should sleep naked to allow their vaginal area to breathe. Ladies should also clean themselves thoroughly before going to bed and sleep with any clothes to avoid any vaginal infections such as yeast.

High nighttime temperatures can also affect men’s sperm count. Sperm production works best at a lower temperature. When you sleep with your clothes on, you raise your body temperature, which is bad for sperm production.

Going to bed naked helps lower these temperatures, thereby mitigating the risks. However, if you can't go to bed completely naked, you should try sleeping in loose-fitting boxers as the second alternative.

Sleeping Naked Reduces Stress, Which May Help You Sleep Better

Sleeping naked at night encourages intimacy with your partner. Skin to skin contact triggers the release of the hormone, oxytocin, the love drug responsible for stress reduction. When this hormone is released, your brain's stress hormones reduce, helping you sleep better at night.

Although, if you sleep by yourself, then the release of oxytocin is minimal to none. However, the act of removing your clothes is metaphorical for letting go of all other thoughts outside your bedroom and getting ready for bed, which can be stress relieving.

Helps You Stay Healthy

Going to bed naked has a lot of health benefits. Going to bed clothed is wrong since the elastic clamps down on your blood vessel, making it hard for blood to flow through the blood vessels. Sleeping naked improves blood circulation, making it easier for blood to transport nutrients to your brain and remove any toxic waste.

Getting some bare beauty rest can also help improve your skin.

Sleep helps collagen production, which helps give you youthful glowing skin. If you’re not getting enough sleep your cortisol levels also rise, which not only stresses you the eff out but also messes with collagen production. A 2018 study also found that participants who got some good shut-eye had skin wounds that healed faster than those who were sleep-deprived or received extra nutrients.

Again, better sleep is key here. But, if that comes from being naked, I think we’d all strip down for a better complexion.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

When you spend the whole day covering your insecurities in clothes and various other things, you end up with low self-esteem. However, taking off your clothes at night, looking at yourself in the mirror, and repeating positive affirmations will give you the confidence you need.

To be confident about yourself, you have to face who you are. You have to slip off your clothes and get to bed naked to start getting more comfortable with yourself. Creating this self-confidence will improve your sex life too.

Better sleep courtesy of getting naked can help calm your stress levels, making you less likely to experience anxiety, and could boost your mental health. Remember that cortisol we mentioned? This stress hormone that rises when you miss out on some Zzz’s really messes with your sleep.

Higher stress levels also start a nasty cycle of hurting your sleep and make you more susceptible to insomnia. Additionally, studies have found there’s a link between sleep and depression.

A 2014 study even found a correlation between bad sleep and a higher suicide rate.

Tips for Sleeping in The Nude:

  • Don’t dive straight into the deep end. It would be best if you started gradually, starting with going to bed in your underwear before, finally, beginning to sleep naked.

  • It would be best if you chose sheets that do not irritate your skin. Choose softbot light sheets that are not too thermo-insulating.

  • It would help if you took a shower before going to bed to keep the sheets clean.

  • You should also adjust your thermostat for the best temperature that suits you.

Sleeping naked has many all-round benefits that you should consider taking advantage of if you want to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Taking care of your body and sleep hygiene means getting out of your comfort zone and embracing new ideas.

Cons to Sleeping Naked:

Like anything there are two sides to a coin. While sleeping in the nude may be great there are a few practical realities to the negatives that can come with it as well.

Dirty Sheets

Sleeping in the nude will inevitably make your sheets in need of a cleaning much faster than if you slept in pajamas. This is because pajamas are an extra barrier between your bedding and your body. Which allows your pajamas to soak up the majority of sweat, skin cells, dirt, and oil coming off of you as you sleep.

When you choose to sleep naked there is nothing but the sheets to protect your mattress from all of that sweat and oils from your skin. Which means if you do not wash your sheets frequently, it could lead to your mattress breaking down faster as well body acne, and other hygiene issues.


The truth is that you can never expect the unexpected. Which can lead to emergencies big or small, harder to deal with as you are in the nude. Whether your house is on fire, or your child is throwing up, getting dressed or even throwing on a robe can be an added step. True emergencies could lead you to needing to escape your home while nude, which is no one’s idea of a good night.

Accidental Exposure:

In nearly all stages in life, you will experience some kind of lack of privacy. Whether it is your parents, roommate, children, or pets coming into your room. Being naked while you sleep and turn into a seriously privacy issue. Of course, you can lock your doors. However, sometimes being dressed in pajamas is simply the easiest way to never accidentally expose yourself.

Difficulty Staying Warm:

In the winter seasons, sleeping in the nude is much less appealing. It can be difficult to stay warm and cozy when you do not have any clothes on. Layers are a great way to stay warm when it is cold out. nWhich is why pajamas are just a good idea if you sleep in a very cold environment.

Even if it is only because your spouse or roommate loves to keep it extra chilly in the house with the AC. Get our top tips on prepping your bedroom for winter weather in our post: 11 Winter Sleep Tips & Get A Winter Ready Bedroom

Lacking Mystique:

While sleeping in the nude can potentially increase intimacy. It also has the potential to wear off some of the dazzle of being naked around each other. If you keep being naked around each other as something special and sensual, it is more likely to cause a spark to go flying when you are naked. While if you are always sleeping in the nude it may not send out the signals you are hoping for when you are looking for romance. However, keep in communication with your partner. The truth is that nudity should not ever feel like you are ruining your mystique.

Regardless of whether you find more pros or cons to sleeping naked we have a few tips for you. If you do choose to go buff, here are a few things to make it easier, cleaner and more private.

Keep a Robe Near By

When you’re sleeping naked, it is a great idea to keep a robe at your bedside every night. It is just a good idea to have a quick and easy way to “dress” yourself incase you need to do so in a hurry.

Whether it is because your child is coming into the room, your roommate wants to talk, or just incase a true emergency arises. This way you can cover up in a hurry for any reason what so ever.

Lock Your Bedroom Door

If you need a bit of extra privacy or a moment or two to cover up, try locking your bedroom door. This is a simple fix to a simple problem.

If you have children, you can teach them to knock and then you can open the door for them. It truly is one of the easiest solutions to many of the issues caused by sleeping in the nude.Get our top tips on washing your bedding in our post: A Guide To Changing and Washing Your Sheets

Wash Your Sheets Regularly

We suggest that everyone washes their bedding on a regular basis. One average every 2 weeks is a good rule of thumb. However, if you are sleeping in the nude we suggest bumping it up to washing or changing your sheets to every week. Your pajamas absorb a lot of sweat dirt and oils off of your skin. Which means that wearing pajamas keeps your bedding clean for much longer.

When you sleep in the nude your sheets alone are left to the task of absorbing all of that sweat, dirt, and oils. Which is why we suggest washing your sheets much more regularly. This will be better for your skin, cleanliness, and the longevity of your mattress. Having extra sets of sheets will make this process much easier.

Bathe Before Bed

Another way to keep you and your bed as clean as possible while sleeping in the nude, is to bathe before heading off to sleep. This way you are not carrying all the sweat and oils from the day into bed with you.

While you will still sweat and slough of skin cells as you sleep, it will be far less than if you were to head off to sleep without showering or taking a bath first.

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Invest in a Great Pet Bed

Sleeping in the nude is just strange to do with pets in your bed. Which is why, if you’re wanting to sleep naked, we highly suggest getting a great pet bed for your fluffy friends.

This way they will be warm and snuggly and you can let loose without any discomfort of your pets snuggling up on you.

Everyone can sleep without pajamas comfortably in their own beds instead.

Check out our top favorite pet beds in our post: My Pillow Pet Bed

Soft Breathable Bedding & Sheets

When it is only you and your sheets, with no pajamas as a buffer, you are really going to feel your sheets. Which is why if your sheets are not very breathable, soft, or uncomfortable this is going to take away from your comfort of sleeping in the buff.

Skip the cheap scratchy sheets and go with a breathable cotton, tencel, silk, or bamboo materials for your sheets. This way you have something soft and breathable next to your skin throughout the night.

Find out what sheets are the best fit for you, visit our Top Rated Sheets Page to see all of our reviews on our favorite online sheet sets.

Pros & Cons to Sleeping in The Nude – Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, the question is whether or not sleeping in the nude is worth it… It truly depends on the individual! We suggest taking our tips into account and trying it out yourself. Give it the old college try and see if it is something you enjoy doing.

It may be something you fall in love with and do all of the time. On the other hand, you may find you only like sleeping in the nude every once, and a while. Or perhaps you simply prefer to sleep in your pajamas. No matter what it is all personal opinion and we hope you enjoy sleeping, whether you prefer to do it in your jammies or in the nude.

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