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The "New Booty" Concept

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

To endure life's ironies, is to gain a thorough understanding of its inequities.

We've all heard stories like this before, companies that want to work with artists in exchange for exposure. Hence why do large organization go to small independent businesses asking for free work? Regardless of what the promo might do for their business, which is usually not a lot.

Situations like this remind me of the movie "The Player's Club." Actress Crystal Wilson, who played Ronnie in the film, will represent "the large organization." They are vultures that circle the sky waiting for a small independent business to devour—looking for that "New Booty"!

Ronnie was a walking, talking embodiment of everything that people found wrong with strip club culture. In the beginning, Ronnie and sidekick Trixie, portrayed by comedy legend Adele Givens, roll up on Diamond (Lisa Rey), working in a shoe store. They immediately knew that she would be a moneymaker at the club. The fact that she was a light-skin, sexy figure, plus the bag o' chips.

At first, Ronnie is seen as a mentor of sorts, showing Diamond the ropes at the club. However, when cousin Ebony appears on the scene, this changes everything. Suddenly, Diamond and Ronnie are adversaries because of opposing views of what Ebony should be doing.

Story to be continued...

Should you work for exposure? As artists, we're not the best negotiators, so we must position ourselves to prevent certain things from happening.

Include this sentence in your situation? Fill in the '...'

"... puts me in a position of not being thirsty taking up offers that compromise my standards and land bad deals."

How will you prepare yourself for unwanted outcomes. Comment below.

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