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Updated: Sep 18, 2021

What exactly does OLAPLEX do?

Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds. These bonds give the hair its structure, strength, and stability. However, when disulfide bonds are broken, it results in damage. OLAPLEX restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out with our patented single ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

Is OLAPLEX worth the money?

Restoring these bonds makes hair stronger, healthier, and softer, which is how Olaplex came to be recommended by almost every hairstylist. Of course, that leads us to the obvious question: Are Olaplex products worth the money? The short answer would be yes, they are.

Will OLAPLEX thicken hair?

'Olaplex is like nothing else out there, it's a whole new molecule that works inside the hair strengthening and repairing the structure that has been compromised,' explains Cusick. 'It seeks out any broken disulphate bonds and links them back together making your hair feel fuller, thicker, stronger and healthier.

Can you leave OLAPLEX 0 on too long?

Unlike other Olaplex treatments, which are thicker in texture, Olaplex says that leaving it on for longer (up to 45 minutes, at which point the product loses efficacy) won't cause any damage to the hair, though leaving it in overnight is not recommended as it could end up in your eyes.

What is the new Olaplex No. 8?

Designed to deliver salon-quality results at home, the Olaplex No.8 is a highly concentrated moisture mask focused on providing intense repair and hydration for your locks. Infused with Olaplex’s patented bond-building technology, the No.8, designed not only to provide low moisture but to produce sensational shine and body, reviving damaged hair and leaving it up to *six times smoother.

The key to the efficacy of this mask? Its highly concentrated formula enables deep absorption into the hair to thoroughly repair the damage without weighing it down. As a result, the No.8 serves to lift, smooth, and revive hair, with **94% of users reporting seeing more body following treatment. What’s more, with the mask’s sulfate and paraben-free formula, Olaplex puts the health of your hair first, providing a gentle but effective solution for all hair types.

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