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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I’m about to lay down some swift info that could help in speeding up your process in getting your passport hella fast! How fast? I’m talking 3-days-fast.

You go to your big major post office in your area. You’ll want to be aware that you’re going to need some cash. Just to be safe, you’ll need between $75-$200 for it all (mine was roughly around $165). Fill out all you need for your passport and buy an overnight shipping ticket for your passport. Even if you’re worried you can’t afford the overnight, get the form anyway!

Next, get help from your local state congressman. You will need a letter from them giving you permission to get an overnight passport. Basically, you tell your congressman you’ll need to travel very soon for XYZ emergency. Saying something like “a steep financial emergency coming up and I’ll need to travel to this country immediately” is not a lie considering your job may depend on your ability to travel soon.

The people at the office will ask you to write out a letter and have it sent to the congressman. They’ll send the info via email and you should get it all done that same day with their help. Once you get that letter from the congressman or their secretary approving your push for passport, you will need to take that letter to your major post office. Show that to the gentleman or lady working there and tell them you need to get an overnight passport sent to you. With this letter, the price I had been given for the overnighter was greatly reduced since I was told that they’ll overnight it anyway with the congressman’s approval. You can have it mailed to you or you can pick it up at the post office when it comes in.

They should be able to offer you information at that point for anything else you need. If you do this, quickly and promptly, you should have your passport sent to you *much* faster than 6-8 weeks. I had mine within three days of doing all this. That’s FAST!

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