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What the best scenario in three years if you decided to get into your craft?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Are you putting off a career in film because you have small children? Worried you can't ever leave your survival job because you're taking care of a family? ⁣

You may think you have too much going on at home to transition into the film industry, but if this is the kind of life and career you want, you can make it happen.⁣

85% of people that work in the film industry have children. That means, there are A LOT of people figuring this out—every day. It's all about creating balance, maximizing your free time, and staying true to your priorities.⁣

Allyson had 3 year old twins at home. She was smart, using production to get inside while she built up her acting experience and the built connections she needed to transition into film. ⁣

Diana is a SINGLE MOM with 2 daughters who used to work in RETAIL. Now she’s in the Art UNION and making $3000/month working on feature films and TV shows.⁣

Jocelyn left her corporate job and is now thriving full-time in film! It CAN and IS being done! ⁣

Some great news is, companies have recently been taking extra steps to support parents in the industry. Netflix has a policy that allows new parents to take up to a year off with pay. ⁣

Marvel schedules ten-hour shoot days, although the average union shoot day is fourteen hours, and when possible, five days on and two days off, to help parents create more work-life balance. ⁣

Shondaland has a nursery and encourages employees to bring their children to work. And the Writers Guild of America is currently putting pressure on agencies and production companies to provide an industry-wide family-leave policy.⁣

All amazing steps forward to support the many talented professionals that juggle complex home lives and still contribute so much to the arts.⁣

No matter the industry, highly successful people have lots of demands on their attention, it's all about finding your own way to balance your personal life and the passion for the work that you love.

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